You’ve found a keyword…Now What?

While keyword research is without a doubt the first and…dare I say…MOST important step of Internet Marketing, it is just that…

…a step.

In fact, it’s only the first step among many.

What do you do now that you’ve found a potential keyword?

Here are two simple, yet HIGHLY effective steps to see your site rank high in Google for your chosen phrase:

1) Optimize Your Content

What does Google think your site is about?

Having your newly found keyword appear in the Title, the URL, the Description, and the H1 Tags of your site will help Google associate your site with this keyword, and in turn give you high rankings for it.

This is also called “on-page SEO”, and is literally half the battle in achieving high rankings for your target phrase.

Now obviously, you don’t want to include every keyword on every page.

Instead, focus on one or two main phrases per page, and build upon that

2) Build “Targeted” Backlinks

Most online marketers understand the importance of building links to their site.

While there are many factors at play here, something called “targeted backlinks” is the second half of the rankings battle.

For instance, when you build a link to your site it could look like this…

Or it could look like this…

Totally irrelevant words such as “Click Here”

But a “targeted backlink” would look like this…

Keyword Research Tool Reviews

Can you see the difference?

My target keyword in this example is “keyword research tool reviews”, so I ideally want that to be my “anchor” text thus creating a “targeted” backlink.

By using your target keyword phrase as the ”anchor text”, Google will naturally associate your site with this phrase, and assign it prominence in the search engines.

This “double punch” of (1) on-page SEO, and (2) “targeted backlinks” will give you GREAT ranking potential for your newfound keyword.

Put these two steps into place and you’ll soon see your site ranking higher and higher for your chosen keywords!

Let me know if you any questions or comments by replying below.

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  • IMVictor

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    Great post. Linking back to a specific post with a keyword rich link is important and something that can be over looked as people just tend to link back to their primary domain.Thanks again

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