The Key to #1 Google Rankings

As I’m sure you know, there is much debate over what is the most important part of Internet Marketing.

Is it building a list?
Is it writing copy?
Is it having a killer product?

While those things are all very important…


Which is exactly where many of you are right now. Maybe you’ve bought the latest and greatest Internet Marketing product promising you $1,000 a day, but you’re still not seeing the results.

What is it you’re missing?

Here’s the deal…You can have as many articles, blogs, websites, and web 2.0 pages as you like, but without traffic you have nothing. You will get no click-throughs, no sales, and ultimately you will spend far more money than you will ever make.

There is only one solution: Make sure people land at YOUR site, read YOUR articles, and purchase YOUR product by ranking higher in the search engines than your competition.

Simple as that.

The key…

…is keywords.

Finding profitable keywords is the key to making this happen, and while keyword research is something many people TRY and do, few people actually do it right.

In fact, if you do it wrong, you’re hurting your chances even more of ever making a profit online. Get keyword research wrong and you’re dead in the water before you start.

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