You Worry About Creating Products. We'll Worry About Selling Them.

What If You Could Hire An A-List, Award-Winning Copywriter For A Fraction Of The Cost?

And Triple Your Conversion Rates By Doing So!

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Fellow Warriors,

You know those once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities you dream about?


One just fell into your lap.

As you know...

Copy is everything.

Without Copy That Converts, You Don't Have A Business... You Just Have An Idea

And ideas don't pay the bills!

My name is Derek, and along with my copywriting partner Jeremy, we want to bring your ideas to life with emotionally gripping, persuasive copy.

We have helped thousands of marketers just like you turn their ideas into real cash.

We have launched multiple successful WSOs, ran hugely profitable service threads, and have turned serving fellow marketers like you into our full-time jobs.

But this sales page isn't about us...

It's about you!

It's about making YOU more money.

It's about giving YOU the upper hand.

It's about offering YOU friendly, timely support.

It's about helping YOU achieve your goals.

This Is The Copywriting Service You've Been Waiting For... The Copywriting Service You NEED

We want to issue you a challenge.

Go ahead and look around the Warrior Forum at other copywriting services.

Check them out. See what they're charging. See what their customer service is like.

There are a select few trustworthy copywriters out there, but most are not.

Be warned: Anyone can slap up a "Warriors For Hire" thread and call themselves a "copywriter".

Do your due diligence because copywriting is serious business.

Great sales copy does the hard work for you.

Great sales copy makes sales for you while you sleep.

Great sales copy is our specialty.

Let us take care of your copy needs.

Let us slave over placing the right word in the right spot.

Let us worry about things like "flow", "form", "structure", "crafting the fictive dream", "elements of persuasion", "grammar", "salesmanship in print", "conversion rate optimization", "strong closes", "CTAs" and more!

You have enough to worry about as it is!

Hiring Us To Write Your Copy Is Like Hiring The Friendliest, Most Effective Sales Team In The World To Sell For You 24/7!

You won't find a single copywriting service out there as experienced, as friendly, or as willing to go the extra mile for you as we are. And you won't find a service out there that is as fairly priced either.

Let me ask you an important question...

Do you want somebody that understands how to sell products to the masses and that knows exactly what it takes to build a business online?

Or do you want that guy who only claims to be a copywriter but has never sold a thing in his life?

Copy is too important to get wrong.

When you hire us, you won’t get a poorly thrown together sales letter that looks like a kindergartener wrote it.

You will get persuasive, profit-pulling copy written by true professionals.

You see… We didn’t just catch Mad Men on TV one day and then claim to be true copywriters like most of the "wannabes" out there.

We’ve learned from the very best.

Including, but definitely not limited to… John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, David Ogilvy, and many more Masters Of The Art.


This Is The Biggest Chance You Will Ever Have To Make Your Business The Profit Machine You Want, Need, & Deserve

"Alright Derek, you've got my attention. What do I get?"

First of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

This offer is not for everyone. It isn't open ended.

We don't have the time (or the desire) to work with just anyone, but if you're serious about success then reach out to us today while there are still openings.

You see, we will be writing your copy ourselves, not just handing off your project to somebody else and outsourcing it like most copywriters on here do.

It will be carefully crafted by us with great care. Plus, you'll have 24/7 access to us along the way. Needless to say, spaces are limited.

We will go deep inside your product to find the main benefits and selling points and will even find ones that you didn’t even realize yourself.

Then, we'll put together a sales letter that will persuade your customers to buy your product or service and put money straight into your bank account.

This Is An Investment… Not A False Promise.

In order to sell anything in this world, but especially online, you need copy that will make people WANT to buy your product and not feel like they have to buy it.

Most "wannabe" copywriters on here try to trick your customer into buying your product with false claims and hype.

That will only bring you misery and refunds… And that's if you can even make the sale in the first place!

Having a bad sales letter is like putting a big red sign on your offer that says “DO NOT BUY – TURN AROUND NOW”.

But our copy will suck customers in and make them love your offer --- and you!

Don’t hire a "wannabe" copywriter that will only cost you more money in the long run.

Instead, hire us.

We are true professionals who will delve deep into your customers mind and set off certain triggers in their brain that will make them desperate for your product.

Our Persuasive Copy Uses The Secrets Of The Pros To Basically Force Your Customers To Buy Your Product... And Then Be Happy They Did!

It's almost as if Gary Halbert is writing your letter himself!

Our promise to you...

When you order from us, you become family.

You see, we put food in our babies' mouths when you exchange your money for our high converting copy. That relationship means something to us.

If you want to work with some "fly by night" service, that's fine. We'll rewrite your copy once you're ready to actually see conversions!

When you work with us, you work with two guys who take this work and your project seriously.

Like family should.

And that's a promise.

So, Are You Ready To Have Your Copy Written By An Award Winning Team Of Professionals?

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on Skype @derekmthomas or directly by clicking here.

If you're ready to have your copy written by an award winning copywriting team, don't delay. Request your free quote below while there are still openings.

We write WSO sales copy, ClickBank copy, squeeze page copy, email swipes, do copy critiques, and more. Contact us for any and all of your copy needs.

Please Select Your High Converting SALES PAGE Copy Package Below

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  • Up To Two Rounds Of Revisions
  • Hassle Free Product Analysis
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  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • Plus 2 FREE swipe emails
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  • As Long As You Need It
  • Up To Two Rounds Of Revisions
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We can't wait to work with you on your project!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Again, you may do this via PM in the Warrior Forum, Skype @derekmthomas or connect with us on Facebook HERE.

To YOUR Success,


P.S. - The prices we're currently offering are for a limited time only. These are introductory prices since we are a new service. We have limited slots for clients and prices will be increasing soon. Don't hesitate - it will only cost you more in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow Do I Order?

    If you would like to order, please follow these simple steps and you could have the next potential WSO Of The Day copy in your hands within the next week!

    Step 1: If you have any questions, please contact me directly HERE or on Skype @derekmthomas. If not, move on to Step 2.
    Step 2: Make payment.
    Step 3: We will discuss your order and give you a detailed client questionnaire form to fill out that will ensure your copy is as effective as it possibly can be.
    Step 4: Upon receipt of this questionnaire we will begin working on your copy and you will see it in your inbox within 5-7 business days.
    Step 5: This service comes with up to 2 revisions – so at this point we can discuss anything you’d like to change and we will implement those changes immediately.
    Step 6: Profit! Launch your new product and cash in!

  • q-iconWhat Sets You Apart From Everyone Else?

    We’re not naive enough to say we’re the only ones who can write copy for you, but we can say we’re better than that other guy you’re considering. 🙂 Here’s why…

    Reason 1: Between the two of us we have launched dozens of products and ran numerous service-for-hire threads with incredible success. Bottom line? We KNOW what sells and how to sell it.
    Reason 2: When you order from us, you become family. We take your project seriously, and treat it like our very own. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.
    Reason 3: We work hard. We write fast. And we have a special knack at understanding your product and your target audience even better than you do.
    Reason 4: Other copywriters with our skill sets charge AT LEAST four figures. We’re offering our services at no where near that. Our prices will increase over time though, and will never be this low again.

  • q-iconDo You Have Any Samples?

    Oh yes, lots. HERE ARE JUST A FEW.

  • q-iconWhat Is Your Refund Policy?

    If you don’t get your project, we don’t keep your money.

  • q-iconWhat Is Your Turnaround Time?

    5-7 business days from the time that you complete our quick and easy questionnaire.

  • q-iconDo You Need Access To My Product Beforehand?

    No, not at all. So long as you can fill out our easy questionnaire, you’ll be all set.