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Today’s keyword research tool review is Market Samurai.

I have used Market Samurai since it was first released and still to date find it to be the BEST keyword research software ever developed.

The one thing stopping many people from buying Market Samurai is the relatively costly price for newbies. At $149 it is admittedly steep, but having said this, it will be some of the best money you will ever spend online and is MORE than worth it.

On the upside, you can download Market Samurai for FREE and use the FULL version on a trial basis.

If that won’t convince you of the real power of Market Samurai then nothing ever will.

What Can You Do With Market Samurai?

Market Samurai isn’t JUST a keyword research tool – it’s so much more than that. You get:

  • An AMAZING Keyword tool
  • SEO competition spy
  • Content and backlink finder
  • A rank tracking tool
  • A product finding tool for monetizing your website
  • A content finding tool
  • A publishing tool
  • and much more…

In short, everything involved in finding profitable niche markets and making a profit online can be done on the fly by using Market Samurai, saving you days, if not months, of research.

Instead of having to go to a dozen different tools to do what you need to do, Market Samurai offers everything you need in one place.

Talk about a no-brainer software!

Market Samurai is very easy to use, and quite intuitive. Once you start using it you will find “money sucking” keywords so much faster and with so much less stress than ever before. This will allow you to research, build and then launch money making websites in no time.

One thing especially useful about Market Samurai, when looking at the SEO competition search feature, is you can see with one glance who your biggest competitors are, and whether they have actually optimized their website with on-page SEO by using proper tags, backlinks and keywords.

I think by now you are starting to see how POWERFUL this software really is! In case you need more convincing though, I encourage you to watch the brief video below as it’s a more thorough introduction to the software.

I actually do keyword research professionally for small businesses and Internet Marketers, and this is the very tool I use to help me do that on a daily basis.

If you’d like to experiment with your free trial of this amazing software, click the link below.


These simple keyword research tool reviews are intended to save you time and make you money by highlighting the very best resources available today. We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing of your success. Let me know if you have ANY questions.

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