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Internet Marketing Lessons From A Chinese Buffet – Part Three

Once you cross the barrier of fear, and determine that you WILL succeed online, you will quickly notice another distraction.

This marketer says HIS chopsticks are the BEST…THIS product will make you the MOST money.

While another marketer says he wants to show you a SECRET way to hold the chopsticks, and HIS strategy is the MOST effective.

Niche Marketing - You've Got To Focus


Quiet the noise.

In other words…


Remember, your friends are jerks.

Focus on the one set of chopsticks at time.

Focus on ONE Internet Marketing strategy at a time.

You see there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to make money online, but you must ignore what everyone else is doing and do what works for YOU.

But the ONLY way to know if a strategy or technique works is to form experience and spend time diligently practicing it.

Take this journey one step at a time.

Don’t bounce around from product to product, secret strategy to secret strategy.

Master the fork. THEN master the chopsticks.

Evolution is a process, and so is learning to make a living from home.

Consider this…

Internet Marketing Map

Come see me in Seattle sometime! Go Seahawks!

How many different ways are there to get from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA?

Quite a few!

There are hundreds of variables.

What would happen if mid-trip, after deciding you want to drive north up the east coast and west over the northern states, you decide you want to go a different way instead.

“This way is not working”, you think to yourself. “There must be a FASTER way.”

Instead, you’d rather drive west over the southern states and north up the west coast. It would be crazy to turn around and start over! Consider all the time you would waste!

The same is true in Internet Marketing.

There are dozens and dozens of ways to make money from home, but you WASTE TIME and LOSE MONEY when you bounce from one idea to another.

You must focus.

You must persist.

You must face your fears.

You must learn something new, and even when everyone else around you says “try something different”, you must STAY THE COURSE!

And this is where we begin our journey together. My goal is to show you some different “routes” a person can take to make money online.

Learn which ones you like, and which ones you don’t, but know this…in some way or another, THEY ALL WORK. You just have to pick one, and stick with it.

Don’t turn around. Don’t look back. The fun is just beginning!

All the best,


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