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Internet Marketing Lessons From A Chinese Buffet – Part Three

Once you cross the barrier of fear, and determine that you WILL succeed online, you will quickly notice another distraction. This marketer says HIS chopsticks are the BEST…THIS product will make you the MOST money. While another marketer says he wants to show you a SECRET way to hold the chopsticks, and HIS strategy is…

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You’ve found a keyword…Now What?

While keyword research is without a doubt the first and…dare I say…MOST important step of Internet Marketing, it is just that… …a step. In fact, it’s only the first step among many. What do you do now that you’ve found a potential keyword? Here are two simple, yet HIGHLY effective steps to see your site rank…

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Keyword Research Tool Reviews

Today’s keyword research tool review is Market Samurai. I have used Market Samurai since it was first released and still to date find it to be the BEST keyword research software ever developed. The one thing stopping many people from buying Market Samurai is the relatively costly price for newbies. At $149 it is admittedly…

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Niche Marketing – Turning A Hobby Into Cash

As the economy continues to falter, more and more people are doing just what I have done…turning to the Internet as a way to subsidize their income. If you read my post  “Internet Marketing Learned From A Chinese Buffet – Part 2″, you may recall my comments on experience. This is one of the most…

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Niche Marketing Experience

Internet Marketing Lessons From A Chinese Buffet – Part Two

It’s funny the lessons you learn in the most unexpected ways. To be honest, my friends really are jerks. They’re just not as big of jerks as maybe I portrayed them to be in Part 1 of this post. And for the record, they NEVER made me cry and I don’t need therapy (at least…

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my ah-ha moment

Internet Marketing Lessons From A Chinese Buffet – Part One

I love Chinese food, but I HATE chopsticks. I’m just no good with them…Seriously, it’s embarrassing. Most of my friends love Chinese food too. They’re good with chopsticks though which is…well, …a growing problem Hey everybody, Derek’s trying to eat with chopsticks again. Just look at the poor sap. Geez what a loser. Harsh right?…

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The Key to #1 Google Rankings

As I’m sure you know, there is much debate over what is the most important part of Internet Marketing. Is it building a list? Is it writing copy? Is it having a killer product? While those things are all very important… YOU COULD HAVE THEM ALL AND STILL NOT MAKE A SINGLE SALE. Which is…

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